Crete TANGO HOLIDAYS festival Sitia Greece August 2015


US tour 2015 11of April to 1st of May San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles,



Wuppertal Tango Festival, Germany 4-7 of October (Show and workshops)

show in Apollon Theatre, Syros Greece (April 2013)

Regular classes/seminars Syros Island, Greece

Volos, Greece 31-1 June (show and seminars)

New Delhi, India 18-25 of May 2013 (Show and workshops)

ΠΑΝΘΕΣΣΑΛΙΚΗ Milonga Vol 2, Greece 20th of April (show -classes)

Catania, Italy (06-01 2012) Show - Seminars

Naxos, Greece seminars (20/21-04)

Greece Tango Festival, Athens (12/14-05) Show - Seminars

Tour in Belgium (20/30-05, 2013) Tango Show

Firence, Italy (30-06- 2013) Show - Seminars

Preveza, Greece (14-15 July 2012) show - seminars

Patras, 6th tango fiesta (21-22 September 2012) Show-seminars

Torino, Italy 1-6 January 2011 (show-seminars)

Firenze, Italy (workshops /performance) 7-9 January

Rome, Italy (workshops/perfomance) 10-16 January

Johannesburg, South Africa (workshops/performance) 28 January - 2 February

6ºAthens festival, 25-27 February 2011

Tour in Italy (Rome, Alessandria, Milan 26th - 7th of April 2011) show- seminars

European Open Argentine Tango WDC AL championship, Judge: Rojer Zalazar (March 2011)

Creta, Greece (Iraklio, Rethimno, Chania) April 2011 (show - seminars)

Rome: Live performance in RAI 1 TV in Uno Mattina 29.03.2011

Torino: Festival de European Tango championship 2nd edition (show and Seminars) July

Torino performance in Teatro Nuovo (2nd of July)

Notte di tango en Vignaledana Festival Italy (July 2011) Tango show

Paros (Greece) 24-25 September workshops (at Central school of Ballet)

From Tango to the World Tango Festival: Riccione, Italy 11 - 14 Nov 2010 (show-seminars)

Festival de Tango Argentino en Monte-Carlo (Mónaco) 14 - 17 Oct 2010 (show- seminars)

Greece, Athens and Paros Island (semirnars -performances) from 24th of September to 3rd of October

Perfomance at Confiteria Ideal live with the orchestra Unitango (Buenos Aires) August 2010

Finalists at the mundial of tango in -Tango Escenario (Luna Park, Buenos Aires Argentina) August 2010

Sitges Tango festival, Spain July 2010 (performance)

European Tango Championship Turin, Italy (Winners of Tango escenario) June 2010

Tango Rojo Festival , London UK, May 2010 show - seminars